Is Your Website Reaching its Profit Potential?

August 14, 2017 Julieana Findlay

How do you know if your website is reaching its profit potential?

Far too many businesses are leaving money on the table by failing to capitalize on the most profitable website design and marketing strategies. The modern marketer knows how to use the right techniques and technologies to increase returns, month after month, without expending much more time, money, or energy.

Here at Boost Marketing we are going to help you address a few of the main issues that you need to ask yourself and your team about your website to ascertain if you are utilizing your website for profit or not.

On Page SEO

On-Page SEO involves content and link strategy, among other factors. Do you know how to avoid spammy backlinks and develop a content strategy that strategically guides users toward a sale, rather than using the site as a “dumping grounds” for data and sales slogans? How many times do you need to blog to keep your on-page content fresh? We have the answer!

User Experience

User experience is more than just a catchphrase: it should be a modern marketer’s focus. How well can a user navigate your site and is your screen size SEO optimized to allow your site to be viewed effectively on all devices? Our knowledge sets you on the right path of improving navigation, screen size configuration and SEO.

What is your website loading speed? If you don’t know you can check hereIf your website is taking visitors more than two seconds to find the information they need, then you are throwing money into the fire!  They will get sick of waiting and click on your competitor’s website instead.

Email Marketing / List Building

We’ve helped countless clients create automated processes that nurture leads for greater sales and referral power. Do you know how to build your email lists from your website linking to your social media pages? Did you know that you can download all your connections from LinkedIn to a database? We have dedicated LinkedIn packages that increase sales and new customers.  If you’re not active on LinkedIn you are missing out on business!

If you would like an SEO Audit done of your website we can do this for you, or if you wish to discuss your website needs, contact us here today.

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