Six Powerful IT Tools for Managing a Remote Team

October 31, 2017 Julieana Findlay

When manging a team with members who live across the nation or world, there are plenty of questions to consider:

  • How do you manage time across multiple time zones?
  • How do you keep everyone on the same page?
  • How do you collaborate?
  • How do you keep everything organised?

Fortunately, there are many communication and organisation tools that will keep your team on track no matter where they work.

These are the same tools that our team at Boost Marketing NZ use every day to keep us in touch and productive.  What’s best is that most of these tools to use are affordable and accessble from a variety of devices across the globe.

So let’s get right into it then…

  1. 1Password for Sharing Passwords

    Let’s face it managing all of the passwords for every platform can be a pain, especially when you have lots of employees. Who should have access to the master list? Who will be responsible for which passwords?With 1Password, your team won’t have to worry about a password list – the tool remembers them all for you. You can save your passwords and log into sites with a simple click.This will help managers to be more productive as they can spend less time helping team members remember forgotten passwords. It’s secure, easy, and inexpensive for businesses.
  2. Slack for Communication

    Having an effective communications system is especially important for remote businesses. Slack is a great online chat room that our team uses for brainstorming, sharing files, staying up with industry news, and comparing notes. Teams can converse with each other publicly or privately through instant message. There is also the option to integrate a few apps into the platform, such as Basecamp, Skype, MailChimp, Zoom and more.Here at Boost, Slack gives us the opportunity to communicate quickly and hold informal conversations that are difficult to have via traditional methods, such as email.
  3. Basecamp 3 for Project Management

    Did you know that 36% of survey employees say their biggest time waster is the lack of processes? It’s essential that remote teams have something to keep them on track and organised. At Boost, our top pick is Basecamp 3.
    Basecamp 3, the third release of the software, boasts a wide variety of tools to help track and complete the progress of small and large projects. There are six different powerful tools within the platform that work together to help with workflow:1 Campfire: For quick chats and questions2 Message board: For team discussions

    3 To-Do’s: To divvy up tasks among team members

    4 Schedule: To track due dates, events and milestones, including vacation time

    5 Automatic Check-ins: For asking recurring questions

    6 Docs & Files: For storing and sharing documents

    Together, these tools give teams one centralized place to discuss and store information that pertains to a given project.

    It’s also great for helping individuals stay on task. The to-do’s allow users to see their progress on different projects and know exactly what’s up next. That way, individuals can stick to their own deadlines and stay organised.

  4. UberConference for Team Meetings

    Booking a conference call can be a giant pain. To make things a bit easier, we use UberConference, a visual audio conferencing system.

    We use UberConference for our weekly team meetings. Our team members from all over NZ hop on a call together to discuss upcoming projects, challenges we’re having on a particular task, and new strategies.

    You can use your desktop browser or mobile phone to dial into the conference. The platform allows everyone to share documents, share their screen, record calls, and more. These features make collaboration easy among remote team members.

  5. Adobe Document Sign for Employee Documents
    One way to get signatures faster and easier is to use Adobe Document Sign.Even if your recipients don’t have an Adobe account, they can open and sign a document from any browser or mobile device.This eliminates the annoying process of having to print out a document, sign it, scan it, and send it back to you. It’s great for teams that are on the go or that work remotely.
  6. Google Drive for Sharing Documents

    When managing a remote team, it’s essential to have a solution for sharing documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Google Drive is perfect for this.

    You can set up different folders within your Google Drive that pertain to different projects, training documents, and resources so that your team members have access to all of the information they need. Sharing documents is as easy as copying and pasting the Google Drive URL.

    Plus, you can work on documents concurrently. We use Google Docs to track our team meeting agenda, so everyone can follow along as we add notes and links. You can also easily comment and edit via suggesting mode to collaborate on projects.

    If you haven’t set up Google Drive for your remote team, we highly suggest it. It’s fast and free, and you can even access your documents while offline.

Help Your Team Succeed with Boost Marketing NZ

Once you have your team in place and running smoothly by using the tools above, you need to make sure that the work they’re doing is effective.

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