SEO for new websites and how to avoid rookie mistakes

June 13, 2016 Julieana Findlay

SEO for New Websites

Here at Boost Marketing NZ, we take pride in providing valuable Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) information and tips for our clients, from the nitty gritty of Google’s algorithms to the basics of designing a great website.

seo for new websites

Recent work has uncovered some SEO mistakes that could be lurking in your web design (SEO for new websites). Here’s a rundown of the rookie mistakes you may not know you’re making.


1. Your Site Is Too Slow to Load
Large, unoptimised images on the landing page can significantly decrease site speed. Not only does this lead to poor user experience, it affects how Google ranks your site in searches.

2. You’re Not Allowing the Site to be Crawled

Web Crawlers are how search engines know pages of your site exist and what the pages are about, so restricting their ability to crawl and index essentially renders your site invisible in search results.


3. Your Site Isn’t Mobile Friendly (SEO for new websites is a must) 
More and more people use phones and tablets to access the internet. You can miss a large percentage of your target audience if you do not have a mobile friendly site.


4. It’s the Wrong Kind of Flashy
Relying too much on Flash elements can slow down your site and causes complications for mobile users, and while single page sites can be visually appealing, you can miss many optimisation and analytical opportunities.


5. The Content IS Weak
When it comes to Google’s algorithms, text is more important than visuals. Good content gives a better understanding of what the page is about, for crawlers as well as human readers. Old fashioned SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing can do more harm than good and won’t help your SEO for new websites.


If you’re concerned that your site may be suffering from any other these problems, fear not. We can do an SEO Audit of your site and provide you with a better understanding of the issues at hand. You can then get us to rectify these issues, and get your website beating your competitor’s rankings along with increased traffic and new customers.


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