SEO Audit

Is your website SEO friendly?

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Before we conduct any SEO work it's important to do an SEO Audit of your website.

We offer a comprehensive SEO Audit of your website and we will provide you with easy to understand results and steps
you can take to improve your website's Search Engine Optimisation status.



Common SEO Issues

Our comprehensive SEO Audit will unveil any common SEO issues which may include tests we run on page authority and domain rankings, your top organic and PPC keywords, your organic and paid advertising competitors, indexation status of your site on major search engines, Google search results, H1 & H2 headings status, sitemap and Robots.txt, backlinks status, alt image status...and more. 

Speed Optimisations

We will let you know how fast and effective your website is loading with our special Boost speed assessment.  The speed of your site is an important ingredient to ranking highly on Google. We will assess your website's speed status with tests on html page size and compression stats, page objects and associated requests, caching mechanisms, flash tests, image expire tag tests, minification, URL redirects and lots more.

Server and Security Issues

Your website server and security is of high importance and we will let you know if there are any threats to your website.  Thorough tests on IP and URL canonicalization will be executed to ascertain any prevalent issues. Further tests on https status, safe browsing, server signature, directory browsing, user agent access, and plain-text emails will be carried out to provide a full picture of your website's server and security status. 

Mobile Usability

We will take a good look at how responsive your website is across other devices including phone, tablet, ipad etc.  Tests on media query responsiveness will be executed along with a mobile snapshot of your website.  Any issues we believe you need to look at regarding the usability of your website will be addressed in your SEO Audit report.

Advanced SEO

We also offer you advanced SEO Audit services with further checks and tests with our Boost SEO Audit checkers.  Our checkers will indicate any issues with your website's indexing, tags and structure. We will also provide you with a priority check-list of the results that you can easily understand and execute. 

SEO Audit Conclusion 

At the conclusion of the SEO Audit we will provide a summary of the overall results in the report and our recommendations for your business success.  With this information you will instantly understand the status of your website's SEO and be able to make the appropriate business decisions specific to your business.