Email Marketing and Print – the latest news!

April 27, 2017 Julieana Findlay

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
– are you using it? If not you will be losing out on generating new sales and customers.


You’ve probably heard rumour of the death of email marketing and print publications, but it seems that these have been greatly exaggerated.


Buzz Feed founder Joe Pulizzi, notes that his company added more than a million email subscribers in 2016. The same year, major online brands Airbnb, School of Doodle, and VFiles announced the launch of new affiliated magazines. These brands wouldn’t take such actions if the demand for print wasn’t there.


There’s another key reason why brands gravitate toward email and print platforms. These methods allow marketers to control the message. Marketers are seizing this opportunity in 2017 and spending time crafting targeted, relevant e-newsletters and print campaigns. In addition to launching new email and print content, they are evaluating how they already use these mediums and brainstorming how to improve them, to create better user experiences.


Print content is complementing online content, including e-newsletters, social channels, and blogs, while providing value independent of the digital world.


Strategies such as these is adding to content marketing growth this year and shaping the face of this marketing sector in the coming years.


Here at Boost Marketing we utilize email marketing for our clients as part of the digital marketing package.  Alongside blogs and social media posts, e-newsletters provide valuable opportunity for our clients to engage their customers and prospects in a personal and effective way.


Our client’s benefit from a high click-through rate from our e-newsletter compilation and it is a great way for them to showcase not only their products and services, but also company videos, news, and even office banter.


If you would like to discuss how we can grow your sales with e-mail marketing give us a call today or drop us a line.  Phone Julieana: 0274 23 95 92,,