3 Surefire Ways We Can Boost Your Business

September 21, 2017 Julieana Findlay

In this article we tell you about ‘3 Surefire Ways’ that will help boost your business $$$ and generate new customers.

The best thing being it won’t cost you the earth!

These ‘3 Surefire Ways’ generate results instantly and are best undertaken as part of our weekly Boost Marketing Acceleration Package.

LinkedIn1. LinkedIn Prospecting – Here at Boost, we are very active on LinkedIn, and the reason for this is that we can directly reach your target market so easily and quickly. We are currently generating a lot of revenue for our clients on LinkedIn in a wide range of industries including construction, training & development, trades, professional services, retail, and manufacturing. The best thing about the LinkedIn work we undertake is that there are NO campaign fees unlike Google AdWords or other social media platforms. LinkedIn is also a great platform for increasing your brand’s exposure and online presence. As Julieana says: “We are growing networks and franchises on here, and downloading connections to a database where we can further promote to these prospective customers with a regular e-newsletter (it’s win win win)”. LinkedIn is great for B2B (Business to Business) but also B2C (Business to Customer).

Facebook2. Facebook Sponsored Advertising For only $10.00 per day you can reach thousands of highly targeted prospective customers for your business on Facebook. We are constantly generating $$$ on here for our clients with ads promoting their products and services in the form of video, carousel ads, and static ads which are specifically aimed at generating traffic to your website. We can also include special offers, events, and build up your following by asking people to ‘like’ your business page, all of which contributes to raising your brand’s company profile online. It is pretty affordable and highly transparent with results, easy to read metrics, and the ability to edit and stop your campaign at any time.

SEO Expert Christchurch3. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – If you take a look at your competitors who are ranking ahead of your business on Google, I can tell you that they didn’t get there overnight. We are not talking about the ads with the little green ‘ad square’ on them as this is paid advertising (otherwise known as Google AdWords or PPC). We are talking about websites that are ranked organically on Google for the same products and/or services you are offering. They have got there with consistent SEO initiatives including an SEO Audit, link-building, keyword optimisation, blog and content optimisation, technical SEO fixes etc. You can expect to start seeing gains from this type of work in about 3 months. This takes into consideration your website speed, platform and host which also affects your website’s ranking. SEO is worth its weight in gold when you have a high ranking website, as you don’t have to pay for Google AdWords anymore and you will notice people are calling your business or clicking on your website a lot more. Like most things though, you need to keep tending to your SEO to reap consistent results.

In summary, we can apply the above ‘3 Surefire Ways’ in a consistent weekly package which will not only bring you quick results from the social media initiatives, but also long lasting results with the SEO initiatives. For only $149.00 – $199.00 + gst per week we can do all of the above for you in a handy 3, 6 or 12 month package. ┬áIt’s not going to cost you the earth as we said and it works!

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