Video – the dominating force in 2017! Are you using it?

March 27, 2017 Julieana Findlay


‘Video’ is becoming a major content marketing force in 2017 owing to the adoption of new video formats.



Content marketing is on the rise, with the sector having experienced double-digit growth for the past seven years. In 2014, the sector was worth 144 billion and by 2019 it’s expected to have a net worth of $313 billion, according to the Global Content Marketing Forecast 2015-2019.


As content marketing grows and evolves, video is becoming the defining force in the industry so far in 2017.


If you have a marketing department make sure they are using video as part of your content marketing strategy, and if you are a smaller company without a marketing team, then why not engage our help?


Interactive Media and Video


Video hosted on You Tube is continuing to dominate, but other types of video streaming are proving highly successful across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.


Integration of video with social media platforms is an opportunity for your business to showcase your brand with personality and authenticity.


Here at Boost Marketing we are gaining outstanding results for a wide range of our clients in a diverse range of industries including construction, finance, service, and retail.


Integration of video in their company blogs and website pages is increasing sales and generating new customers.


We are also utilizing video heavily on social media channels for our clients, enabling them to showcase their products and services to target market audiences easily with highly effective results.


Our video campaigns for our clients have increased exposure of their brand and enhanced their on-line presence in dramatic fashion, resulting in high levels of customer engagement including sharing of posts, comments, likes/follows and tweets on their social media pages.


The autoplay feature has helped make videos more valuable on social media, according to Twitter. This social media platform found that users are 14% better able to recall branded videos they’ve seen and 7 times more likely to watch them through to the end since Twitter introduced this feature.


We have also found that this feature works equally well across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn too.  Owner of Boost Marketing, Julieana Findlay says: “It’s instant gratification for the user and that’s the world we are living in now”.


The popularity of short videos comes with the growing practice of mobile browsing. With smartphone users consuming more short user-made clips than music videos and movie trailers, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, it’s little wonder that businesses are embracing this trend.


Here at Boost Marketing NZ we are experts at utilizing video as part of your content marketing plan.


We can also help you out with other forms of content marketing including blogs, website content, e-newsletters, social media posts…etc.).  Our rates are super affordable too – and we get results!


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