Julieana Findlay - Managing Director

Boost Marketing NZ is based in Christchurch and managed by SEO Specialist Julieana Findlay.  "We have the advantage of not too many cooks spoiling the broth, which means we can produce quicker solutions to your marketing needs."

It is very satisfying helping businesses achieve great results from their websites through undertaking our search engine optimization and digital marketing services.

There are a lot of boxes to tick with search engine optimisation (SEO), but once undertaken your website will have a great foundation for success with other marketing initiatives.

Outsourcing your marketing work is a very effective business model today as you get an expert on the job and it prevents taking your staff away from other necessary duties. 

Think of me and my support team as your go-to-people for all your website marketing needs.  You are not another number to us as we care about getting the best outcomes for your business.  

Our friendly, reliable and conscientious approach has enabled us to build our client base to include a diverse range of both small and medium sized businesses in New Zealand.

When we are not in the office we enjoy getting outside in the fresh air and I can often be found running in the Port Hills or Burwood Forest, which I find helps to clear my head and get the creative juices flowing.  

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SEO Specialist

Not sure about the status and effectiveness of your website's SEO?  

We can take a look at your website and see what is/what isn't working so you can get your website ranked higher on all major search engines.  

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