What is SEO? | A beginner’s Guide to SEO

November 15, 2016 Julieana Findlay



Search Engine Optimization known in short as ‘SEO‘ is a simple abbreviation but it is much more complex than meets the eye.  In this short video our friends at Moz SEO outline a Beginner’s Guide to SEO.


Here at Boost Marketing NZ when we take on new clients we follow the same principals outlined in this video Beginner’s Guide to SEO.  We go a lot further though, and customize a client’s SEO and digital marketing plan with great content, keyword analysis and research, back-link analysis and implementation, and execution of social media initiatives.


Our SEO work involves in the first instance running an SEO Audit on a client’s website to ascertain the status of their website’s SEO.  This is where we incorporate some of the steps outlined in the Beginner’s Guide to SEO but, also a wide range of on-page and off-page SEO initiatives.


On-page SEO is mainly about the technical improvements we can make on your website’s functionality, keywords, and content.  Off-page SEO includes formulating a plan to boost your site on search engines through the generation of back-links to your website.  These can take the form of business directories, forums, blogs, and discussions/links through social media.


SEO essentially lays the foundation to a well ranked website and enables other initiatives like SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and digital marketing to prosper as a result.


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You can also read more on SEO for beginners at this link.