An SEO Audit will help your business succeed online

October 5, 2016 Julieana Findlay


An SEO Audit of your website will help your business succeed online.  It’s crucial to have one done so you know if your website is performing well or not.  A well performing website will generate new customers and sales for your business.


Here at Boost Marketing we are experts at SEO and any new SEO project we undertake always includes an SEO Audit so we can ascertain the status of your website’s SEO.


We will provide you with a comprehensive written report of the Audit undertaken on your website and you will know instantly what parts of your website need attention.


Our SEO Audit will also help you make informed decisions with your new website knowledge in regards to your digital marketing, social media and SEO initiatives.


A Boost SEO Audit includes various tests and checks for common SEO issues.  We will let you know the status of your keyword optimisation and what keywords your competitors are ranking for ahead of you.


We will also execute website speed testing and provide results on your website’s speed which is an important ingredient in ranking highly on search engines.


Our investigations will also report on any issues affecting your website’s server and security including canonicalization testing.


Another important part of our Audit process is to measure the mobile usability of your website which will let you know whether your website is easily found and is responsive on mobile devices.


Boost Advanced SEO includes further checks with our tag checkers which will let you know important information regarding your website’s indexation, structure, search engine crawling ability, robots.txt file access etc.


We will spend around five hours analysing and writing the Audit results and provide you with a written SEO Audit report which will prioritise the steps you need to take in order for your website to become SEO friendly to search engines.


If you would like to book an SEO Audit of your website you can contact Julieana today on 0274 23 95 92 or request and SEO Audit with this form.