As they say success in business is about who you know

not what you know...and LinkedIn is the answer

Profile Optimisation

Did you know that LinkedIn has 330+ million user profiles?  And if you are in business you really need to be active on here and it is really easy to get started.  

The major bonus is that most of the features on LinkedIn are FREE to access and you don't need to pay for premium membership unless you really want to. 

LinkedIn's search functionality enables both personal and company profiles to be found.  Starting originally as a place for employment opportunities LinkedIn has now grown in to more of a business platform for connections, networking and sales. 

Well optimised profiles can showcase your brand and company employees effectively.
Boost Marketing NZ are experts in optimising your profile so that it is found for the products and services you offer.
We can help build you a company page which acts like a mini website for your business.  Our team is highly sklled in writing promotional summaries and posts so your business can stand out amongst your competitors.

Connection Building

The team at Boost Marketing NZ are highly experienced in making connections with people who would be interested in your products and services.
We know how to build your company following and personal profile connections so that prospective customers and business connections know what you have to offer them.

We have clients that ask us to make targeted connections in a wide range of industries and follow-up on these new connections with information about their business products and services.

The Boost team gains great results from knowing how to operate LinkedIn to get the best results for our clients.  It is very satisfying gaining new business for our clients through this platform, especially since it is virtually free to access.

Talk to us today on how we can help build new business connections for you and achieve increased sales from this valuable tool.

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