Google’s Mobile First Index – are you ready?

January 20, 2017 Julieana Findlay

Google’s Mobile First Index – the low-down:


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SEO for 2017 – three words: Mobile Mobile Mobile 


Google had been continuously dropping hints at the end of last year about the changes ahead with mobile devices and your website.


Now in the new year they have announced the live test of its Mobile First Index.  Although the search engine giant stresses on the fact that things won’t require much of a change when it comes to your website’s SEO, a different filtering process definitely calls for a few modifications.


So why the change?


This is no rocket science!  As the number of searches on mobiles and tablets are increasing by the day, Google will now hunt for a mobile version of your site FIRST and rank your page accordingly.  If you don’t have one, it will simply move on to your desktop version.  This is what Mobile First Index means.


If you have a:

  • Mobile friendly site with a perfect screen-fit
  • Fast loading page (in about 2-3 seconds)
  • Optimized content suitable for mobile devices

You shall do just fine in 2017.  If not, get to the drawing board as you will need to take a re-stock of your website’s SEO.


Mobile First Index will be a global thing and won’t be limited to any specific country. So, no matter where you are, start modifying your site in this new year.


There is no need to hit the panic button yet.  If you already have a responsive design for your site, you are already a step ahead.  If not, modify things a bit.  Most ranking features are likely to remain the same and Panda will supposedly look at you the same way.


As for now, Google will try this out on a handful of users now and then increase the number.  Make the necessary modifications and stay ahead of the pack.


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