Put your
website data
to work with
Google Analytics

With Boost Marketing NZ on board for your Google Analytics consulting you will know exactly where to focus your marketing dollars...

Big data has been around for decades, but businesses looking for a competitive edge are finding it easier than ever to track the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts.  
We can help make sense of relevant metrics from Google Analytics and other analytic tools which will save you time and money in the long run.  
The data and reports we generate from Google Analytics will help you make the right decisions for your business which is vitally important to your business success.

Our comprehensive Google Analytics Services include:


Conversion Tracking

Conversion Optimisation

Detailed Reporting



Ongoing Management

Visitor Recordings

Social Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Google Analytics tell me how many people visit my website?

We can tell you how many visitors your website is currently generating and give you a breakdown on the percentage of new vs returning visitors.  

What devices are people using to access my website with?

The Boost Marketing NZ team can look at the data on Google Analytics and tell you what the most popular devices are for searching your website and can also let you know which networks and platforms are being used to search your site on.

What effect on our website traffic has our latest Facebook campaign generated?

We can let you know exactly how many people clicked on your advertisement/promotion and how this affected visits to your website. This information is pertinent to the results of your marketing initiatives going forward.  

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