Social Media can be

affordable, scalable, and extremely effective

The Boost Marketing team can advise you on latest social media marketing innovations that would work best for your business - we know how to help build your online presence.

If social media scares you and you don't know a 'tweet' from a 'like', that's perfectly ok, we are here to help you!  Most of our clients leave their social media for us to handle.  We can set-up and manage all your social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest...etc.

If you have a blog and/or products and services pages on your website there is no better way to reach your desired audience than through sending a post right from your website page to your social media accounts.  This will help your SEO in Google's eyes and contribute to increased awareness of your company's products and services.  

The outcome of a consistent social media campaign is an increased following of your brand, culminating in new customers and ultimately sales.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of effective social media marketing:

SEO Benefits

Brand Awareness

Customer Support

Lead Generation

Customer Engagement

Community Involvement

News and Content Distribution

New Product and/or Events Promotion

Reputation Monitoring and Management

Did you know that a lot of social media marketing is FREE?  LinkedIn is mostly free and is a highly effective platform for most businesses.  It doesn't cost anything to set up a Google+ page either.  If you have a lot of product images then Pinterest and Instagram are highly effective channels for promotion.

Depending on the products and services you offer we can implement a marketing plan that includes the best social media channels for your business.  Some of our clients couldn't be without Facebook or Twitter, others obtain their sales from LinkedIn or Instagram.  No one size fits all but we can make it work for your business.  

Have a chat to the Boost Marketing NZ team today and we can formulate a social media marketing plan as part of your digital marketing package.  

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