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SEO Christchurch

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Are you looking for a professional SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) company based in Christchurch with a proven record of helping businesses WIN on-line?


Boost Marketing NZ is an SEO company that recognises most companies want a significant ROI and need an online presence that is goal-orientated and results focused.  


Here at Boost, our business is to 'boost' your business on search engines, helping you to rank highly for your products and services, and compete effectively against your competitors.


A good-looking website does not mean that your website will generate traffic.  With our Boost SEO Acceleration Package we help businesses like yours achieve high rankings on Google, resulting in new customers and sales for your business.


Your website has the potential to be viewed by hundreds of your best prospects and this reason alone is enough for you to know that you can't afford to ignore your SEO.


Our SEO services include an SEO Audit of your website which will let you know instantly the status of your website's SEO.  

From here we formulate a plan to include both on-page SEO and off-page SEO strategies to boost your rankings on major search engines including Google and Bing


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SEO Christchurch

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Do you want to instantly get your business to the top of Google rankings today?  Here at Boost Marketing NZ we can help your business instantly rank online with our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services.


SEM is the process of buying traffic through paid search advertising listings like Google AdWords (sometimes referred to as PPC or Pay Per Click), so that you can quickly grab the attention of prospective customers.  


SEM can provide immediate visibility online but is dependent on your marketing budget, whilst SEO is a longer term strategy providing longer lasting search engine results.


With over 75% of website traffic coming from search engines and over 94% of people never looking past the first page of Google, this means having your listing on the first page is vital for your business.


Here at Boost, we consistently help businesses like yours achieve great results from their AdWords campaigns.  From small businesses like Hollands Tree Services to larger franchises like Specialised Structures NZ Ltd, we get them top rankings every day of the week.


As part of our Boost Acceleration Package we can include both SEO and SEM strategies that are geared to getting results.  


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"We deliver a personalised customer experience, you're not just another number to us.  
We have proven experience getting top search engine rankings for small and large clients across a wide range of industries in New Zealand.  Speak to an SEO expert today."

- Julieana Findlay, Managing Director, SEO Christchurch

Our formula for Success

When it comes to creating effective Search Engine Optimisation campaigns, customisation is key.  

No two campaigns we propose are exactly alike and may include some or all of the following proven,

SEO specialist services:

Here's what our clients are saying...

"Julieana manages our Website, SEO, AdWords and Social Media for all our merchants throughout the country - she does a great job"
Noel McCrostie, Owner
Specialised Structures NZ Ltd

"Julieana and her team has done a great job boosting our four NZ offices with Search Engine Optimisation and Google AdWords"
Debbie Chapman, Practice Co-ordinator - Cook Costello 

"For the past year Boost Marketing has done a superb job building our on-line presence and growing our businesses.
Jason Olliver, Director
Spitroast.comCorporate Club

"We needed business pages for Facebook and LinkedIn, Julieana got onto this straight away, they look great"
John Boereboom, Director - CEM
University of Canterbury

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Case Studies


View our SEO case studies here and get a good overview of what we do for businesses just like yours.  

The business owners and directors that approach us usually know something about SEO and want to be at the top of the first page on Google ahead of their competitors.

They are savvy business people that are happy to let us take care of their website marketing and social media marketing needs, so they can concentrate on what they do best.

SEO Case Study

Specialised Structures NZ Ltd

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Cook Costello

Swiftform Products Ltd

Swiftform Products Ltd